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MagShark 60W USB-C Fast Charging Cable (+3 Tips)

Length: 1 Meter

Designed for durability and versatility, the MagShark 60W USB-C Fast Charging Cable supports simultaneous fast charging and data transfer with all iPhone, USB-C, or Micro-USB devices.

Snag safe magnetic charging tips ensure a secure connection while eliminating the risk of any accidents with the breakaway design. The super strong magnetic charging tips are designed for versatility and make cable hopping between devices simple and seamless.

Eliminate the cable clutter with the MagShark 60W USB-C Fast Charging Cable, the one cable that will power your smartphone, laptop, headphones, tablet, camera, game controllers and just about everything in between.

One cable for all your devices.

MagShark 60W USB-C Fast Charging Cable is the all-in-one charging solution that is the perfect blend of quality, convenience, and functionality.

The magnetic tips can be left in your device so you can use your cable with any of your other devices that may use a different connection type.

Our cable includes 3 different magnetic tips that will fit virtually any USB powered device.

Yes, the cable supports data transfer and is compatible with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

Our Magnetic tips will fit with almost any phone case. However, you may have a fitment issues with super thick cases such as Otterbox Defender / Lifeproof FRE.