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MagPak Battery

Magnetic & portable wireless battery, compatible with MagSafe

Color: Black
Capacity: 5000mAh

The MagPak Battery is the #1 solution to charge your phone, earbuds and any other Qi enabled devices wherever you go. No more dragging around a bunch of different cables, upgrade your on-the-go power with the MagPak Battery.


Snap and charge with the MagPak Battery. 

Versatile USB-C Port: Keep your phone connected and charging while charging another device or recharge your battery pack thanks to pass-through power technology.

Prop It Up: The versatile foldable magnetic kickstand keeps your phone at a comfortable viewing angle whether its vertical or horizontal.

Strong Magnetic Connection: The super strong magnet snaps into place to ensure proper alignment and an efficient charge.

Tech Specs
• Wireless Output: 15W Qi
• Wired Output: 22.5W PD
• Input/Output Type: USB-C
Battery Capacity
5,000 mAh

5,000 mAh Internal Battery

Outlast the day, no matter what it includes, with an extra boost of power.

Layer 1

Magnetic Alignment

The magnetic array ensures proper alignment so you get the perfect charge every time.

Compatible with MagSafe and Others

The magnetic array on the MagPak Battery is compatible with any MagSafe equipped device and any Qi enabled smartphone including Samsung, Apple, and Google phones.